Activism through the Arts: Meet Veteran Actor Tim Reid

As a 90’s kid, I can’t look at Tim Reid without thinking of him as the dad from Sister, Sister. However, after getting a peek into his remarkable life on a recent episode of TV One’s Unsung Hollywood, I had to learn more! Tim Reid is an actor, producer and director whose career has spanned over four decades. His integrity shines through his work. Here are a few facts about his life:

Living History: Freedom Fighter, Former Political Prisoner and Educator Angela Davis

Close your eyes and conjure up an image of Angela Davis. If you’re like me, that image most likely includes a powerful woman with a fist raised and a beautiful fro. I knew her image and name long before I knew anything about her but once I learned, I was proud to call her an elder. Here are 7 must-know facts about living legend and pioneer, Angela Davis.